Ditch The Last Bit


A great FLIP-BOOK filled with information, tips and tricks to help you get rid of that last stubborn bit of weight that you just can’t seem to shift.

Available as an online magazine style flip-book but also able to be downloaded to print out if you wish.

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Ditch the Last Bit is not a diet book! Instead, it is jammed pack full of great information, tips and tricks to help you positively get to your ideal weight.

After listening to women who have gone plant-based I discovered that they are happy with the food and that they’ve lost a lot of the weight. But, they have come to a standstill.

We all want to be at our optimum weight and most often we need to have a bit of help getting over that plateau in order to get there.

That’s what this wee book is about. Full of information from portion size to how you should eat. Along with foods that you shouldn’t have and ones you should, this online flip-book is a great guide to getting to over the hump.


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