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Now that I’m in my senior years I have a managed to accumulate a lot of wisdom that I would love to part with. Nothing would give me more joy than to help you fast-track your needs.

There are three areas where I can be of service.


If there is something you would like me to write for you, I’m certainly up for it. Everything on this website has been written by me. I am also a prolific writer on the blogging platform, Medium, have a column in the New Zealand Vegan magazine and ghostwrite for those wanting to write their memoirs.

As I have published six books over the years, I can help you to self-publish anything from an e-book to a paperback. I am available to write articles, blog posts or social media posts. More at: White Rockit Media


Do you have a group who would like to know more about veganism, or plant-based eating for health? I have spoken on many different occasions and at all types of events. From public gatherings like Vegan Vibes to select clubs and retirement villages.

Talks are crafted for the audience and can be from 20 minutes to an hour in duration. Talks are lively and engaging with subjects ranging from healthy living to connecting what you eat to the animals, environment and your health.


Perhaps you are putting your toe into the water to see if this plant-based world is for you. And you are not too sure if you are doing it right. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you a bit of guidance and help you to formulate a plan. This can be as much or as little as you want, guiding you to having plant meals two or three times a week to going fully plant-based.

Regardless if you’re going flexitarian or fully vegan, I can help take the worry out to find the right fit for you that will fill your nutritional needs.

We can meet, either in person or over Zoom to discuss your requirements. Please use the contact form below, we can then arrange a complimentary meeting to find out if we are a fit.

Sample of blog posts

Going Vegan is Expensive.

Going Vegan is Expensive.

One of the biggest arguments I hear is that going vegan is expensive. And every time, I sigh and say, No, it’s not! Recently I wrote about the myths that seem to hound vegans, and the very first one I wrote was about how people believe that going vegan is expensive....

And Still There’s No Change to Climate Change

And Still There’s No Change to Climate Change

We've known about this for over a century, but there's still no change to how we tackle climate change. Ten years ago, I came across a statement from a study by the European Commission in 2012. Short, simple and to the point: "adopting a "meatless Monday" could have a...

Review of the Documentary, Watson.

Review of the Documentary, Watson.

Watson: A Must-Watch Documentary about the Man Saving the Oceans A new documentary has recently been released, and it's definitely on my list of recommendations. The film is called Watson and is available for free viewing on Waterbear, a great site dedicated to...

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