The moment you stop learning you will just curl up and die (metaphorically or physically). Life is continually in a state of change and we should keep being curious and feed our minds.

Below are resources to websites and vlogs that I have found extremely helpful on my vegan journey.

Websites – This website is by Dr Michael Greger and it is a wealth of knowledge for research around all sorts of ailments and more. For example, you will be able to discover what the research says on heart disease or eczema or marajuana or dairy. Dr Greger goes through copious amounts of published papers making sure they are independently done (not industry funded) then he creates an article or video explaining in layman’s terminology.

Excellent source of facts!

OneMealADayFor the planet. Built by Suzy Amis-Cameron, this website is about teaching you how to go plant-based for the environment. The idea is to support people who are wanting to make a change by encouraging them to switch one meal a day. Full of recipes and meal plans and lots of other good info.

DrMcdougall – Dr Mcdougall had an extraordinary start to his medical career when, at the age of 18, he had a stroke that left him completely paralyzed on his left side for a couple of weeks. Not getting any answers from the doctors, he decided to be a physician and figure it out himself. After years of dishing out pills and patients still not recovering, he knew there had to be a better way and so in the 70s he began to research. Go through to his website and learn more. I will say this – he advocates the consumption of low-fat, starchy food.

PlantBasedHealth – This is an Australian website that is full of wonderful research, recipes, some medical conditions (acne, gut health etc.) and a good variety of healthy eating.

GameChangers – This website was born from the wonderful documentary The Game Changers, which became a huge success in 2019 when it was shown worldwide. The website has some beautiful recipes and great if you are into any form of sports/fitness regime and wanting to be plant-based.

ForksOverKnives – I go into this website a lot and one I recommend for those on the plant-based journey. Has some wonderful recipes. And yes, it is the website that goes along with the documentary of the same name.


is the most wonderful place to find some awesome people. The channels below are ones that I follow, and you’ll see that there is a variety so you should find something you like.

Earthling EdEd Winters is probably my favourite vegan to follow. He has such a gentleness about him and yet can engage with the most staunch meat-eater presenting calm and factual responses to any argument. Ed has given 2 TEDx talks and spoken at prestigious universities in the USA. Ed’s passion is very much for the animals and so what he talks about is normally animal-related.

Dr Greger – Just like his website, Dr Greger delves into the science behind the foods. A great resource to go to when you are faced with someone asking questions or trying to tell you animal products are healthy.

Physicians Committee – Here you will get all the health benefits of plant-based eating from a variety of doctors who really know their stuff!

Plant Based News – This is a great source for news; however, it generally centres around the northern hemisphere. But, it is showing the growth of the vegan movement. Some great interviews.

Live Kindly – A channel with a variety of different playlists from health to celebs to news and a cracker video on “Baby Boomers Try Vegan Sausage”

Mic the Vegan – Mic does a variety of different videos but backs up with science. Another great resource for learning about healthy veganism.

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