In the modern age, it’s a real treat to have apps for our phones These give us knowledge and help at our fingertips. Below I’ve listed apps that you may find useful in creating the healthy lifestyle you want to live. There are also a couple of other – not apps – that I’ve found incredibly beneficial.
If you have any recommendations please use the Contact Me form and let me know so I can add to the list.


I have linked each app to the different stores for your convenience and recommend to click through to learn more about the app.

daily dozen appDaily Dozen

Google PlayApple Store

After years of delving through all the research, Dr Michael Greger has come up with a list of 11 foods and beverages we should have every day. What is #12? Exercise. I still use this app from time to time but can say that I did have fun when it first came out. A great tool for keeping your body healthy, and if you can do all 12 in one day – kudos to you!



Vegan Additives or Vegsafe

Google Play   Apple Store

Google play has Vegan Additives and Apple has Vegsafe. Both do the same thing. A great tool when you are learning to read labels. Searches by E-number or name and says if it is suitable for vegans.

veggiebeers app

Veggie Beers

Google Play   Apple Store

Going out and want to have a drink? This is a good app to help you find the right drink for you. Covers different kinds of alcohol including wine and beer.

happy cow app

Happy Cow

Google Play   Apple Store

This app is designed to give you the nearest eatery that serves vegan/vegetarian foods. As there is a big difference between the two, some cafes have said they offer vegan when they are not. Great app but I have had a couple of discrepancies.

meditation musicMeditation Music – Relax, Yoga

Google PlayAs of the time of posting only found on here

I use this app every day when I write my journal. It is so easy and I have customised the music. Also has a timer feature which I find useful.  If someone has a recommendation from the Apple Store please Contact me with the name of the app.

medito free meditationMedito –  My Recommendation.

Google Play   Apple Store

Totally FREE. An all-round meditation app that will teach beginners, intermediate and then has new daily meditations for those who have the skills. I’ve been very impressed with this app which also adds ‘meditation’ if you’re out walking. Learning how to be in the present moment is a great skill to have.

Waking Up

Google Play   Apple Store

This is a subscription meditation by Sam Harris. I have found this app to be very helpful to get over the monkey chatter that goes on in my head when I tried to meditate without guidance. You can go on and subscribe to the daily meditation but recommend you do the free course first.


Google Play   Apple Store

This is the app I use for Podcasts  – I find it easy and perfectly adequate for my needs.


Other Tools

There are many tools you can acquire that will be useful in creating your healthy vegan life. However, there are also a lot that you can do without!

I have found that the essential tools are associated with the food you eat, how balanced your thoughts are, and with your daily routines.

Below are some things I just can’t do without, have made a big difference to my mindset and productivity, and have kept me sane.


Glossary of Terms

Unsure about what a word or phrase means? Then click through to the Glossary to find out.

Glossary of Terms.


Morning Ritual Journal

I started using the ‘Morning Side-kick‘ journal some time ago and it has made a huge impact on how I go about my mornings. The result is that I have more energy, a clearer mind and my productivity increased. I use it in the evening before I go to bed and then again after I have finished my morning ritual.
When I got near to the end of the first book I didn’t want it to stop so I had to get the set!
Click the button below to go through to the website where you will be able to have a look inside.

find out more

Plain Journal

If you would rather write in an empty journal with no prompts then this one is eco-friendly and designed specifically for the Gold Card Vegan. On the front is a cool piggy who is dancing in some mud with the words ‘Nama-stay Vegan’  Journal has lined paper.

Great gift idea for your vegan friend.


find out more

In the Kitchen.

There are some things that I just couldn’t do without and the first one is a good set of knives. I don’t have many as you can see. There is a chopping one for pumpkin, a bread knife, an all-purpose knife that has a nice curve so I can finely chop herbs etc. and I have a smaller fruit or pairing knife. Add to this a pair of scissors for opening bags! and a pair for cutting herbs.

The pans I have are Scanpan, however, there are others that are just as good. I like these as they are non-stick and can go from stovetop to oven.

Last is my food processor. I have a Ninja which has smoothie maker that can be used for nut milk and nut butter and a food processor for – well, pretty much everything!


women's meditationWomen’s Meditation Network.

Meditation is part of my day, although I must confess that I’m not one to do it for very long. I have found this particular meditation fits in with exactly what I am needing in the morning.  It is guided and there are many different topics and always one I am wanting. Hosted by Katie Krimitsos who has a pleasant voice and wonderful attitude to get me into the right frame of mind. You will need to search your podcast app.


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