If you are new to veganism or plant-based eating then may I suggest that you find your tribe. By that I mean connect with like-minded people either online or in your area.

When you are with others who are on a similar journey it gives a sense of ‘family’. You know you’re not alone, you know you can share your ups and downs with someone else who understands.

Below are some suggestions for finding your tribe.


This is a great place to start as there a many vegan and plant-based groups here. So do a search for vegan groups, and hopefully there will be one in your area. This is a great way to interact with those who are local. You’ll find people from all walks of life.

I know my local group is a wealth of knowledge, non-judgemental and there to help.


Meetup is an online portal which will put you in touch with people in your area. Search in here and see if there is a vegan or plant-based group close by.

The one that I belong to often have pot-luck get-togethers. At these I have met some wonderful people of all ages and backgrounds, but what’s in common is the awesome food.

It’s delightful to go to one of these meals and know that everything on the table is vegan and suitable for me to eat. The bonus is that the conversation is always stimulating.


If there are no groups in your area, you could try creating one yourself. Either start one on facebook or in meetup.

Alternatively if there is a cafe that offers vegan food, I suggest you make some sort of flyer and ask the cafe owner if you can display it (or you can put it on a public notice board). Have the flyer invite other vegans or plant-based people to meet for a coffee in that cafe.

The fact that the cafe has vegan food says there must be some plant-based eaters close by.

Get Involved

Chances are there will be an animal advocacy organisation in your area or close by. This is another way of meeting other vegans and, at the same time, helping the animals.

If you are comfortable being seen in public for the vegan cause, then find out what you can do.

  • Join a march
  • Anonymous for the Voiceless with the Cube of Truth is a great way to show support – you don’t need to say a thing, just hold a sign or a screen.
  • Help out on an animal welfare stall.



For the Kids

If you have young children or grandchildren get them involved with cool things to do that will help them learn about animal welfare – vegan food – gardening and a host of other ideas

For ideas about getting creative head over to The Action Kit



I’m sure you will find people around you who are plant-based eating for health, the environment and/or the animals it’s a matter of getting out there and finding them.

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