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ditching the cheese

Ditching The Cheese.

Cheese is one of the hardest foods to stop having, and in this eBook, I explain why.

So if you’re having trouble letting go of the dairy industry’s weapon, download and educate yourself. There are even tips on how to stop and introduce some other ‘cheese’ that will be better for you in the long run.


vegan pantry

The Vegan’s Pantry.

Take a look inside my pantry.

If you are new to veganism, I will show you how to sort the shelves, so you don’t go wasting any food. There is a good list of ingredients to stock, with the most important ones being marked and the rest for you to collect over time.


plant calcium

Should We Have Dairy For Our Calcium?

Like meat for protein, we have been indoctrinated to have dairy to get calcium.

Science has shown us that the animal protein in milk is doing more harm than we ever thought, and the industry has been pushing the myth for decades, all for money.


plant protein

About Plant Protein.

Probably you’ve already been asked, “what do you eat for protein?” or your friends are really worried that you’re not going to get enough protein now that you’re vegan. According to medical journals, protein deficiency is so rare that it’s a myth.

This wee eBook will help answer all the questions you or your friends may have.


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