Your Mind

Your thoughts matter

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “You are what you think every day.”  You see the mind controls the sub-conscious which in turn controls how you act, what you say and how you react to things.
Your thoughts profoundly impact on your mood and on your stress levels and if you believe you can or can’t do something, then indeed you will find that you can or can’t do it.

Never stop learning

Make a commitment today to start to learn. You can begin by going into the resource section and choosing a book or watching a documentary. But do something to stimulate and reinstate the natural curiosity that you had as a child.
The benefits are untold and include: aquiring new skills, keeping your mind sharp, gaining self-confidence, keeping healthy and you will, indeed, become happier.

People have either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. This means that someone can be dogmatic with what they believe to be true, as in what sits within their comfort zone (fixed) –


They can be open to learning, open to listening/reading and broadening their mind to grow and evolve with the times and be prepared to change (growth).

By learning and growing you become a better version of yourself. You can change who you are by what goes into your mind.

Calm your mind

Yes it is important to stimulate the mind, but it is just as important to calm the mind too. We need to create a balance and learn how to ‘switch off’ even if it is for a brief moment during the day.

This is where meditation comes in. Now there are many forms of meditation, from focusing on a jigsaw to sitting cross-legged and saying mantras. Whatever it takes it is important for you to find time during your busy day to let your mind rest.

If you have never meditated before or you have found it difficult to check out the Tools section of the Resources as see what I recommend.

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