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What is compassion?

Compassion comes in many forms, but generally it is putting yourself into the shoes of someone else who is suffering in some way.

It is extending the hand of help and showing kindness and a willingness to help.

In today’s society compassion can be shown to the elderly, the sick and to the homeless. It does not mean just putting your hand in your pocket and drawing out some money. It can mean smiling, making eye contact and even talking to those who are less fortunate.


Compassion can also extend to humanitarianism. Generally, it takes a special sort of person willing to go into war-torn, destitute or other hostile types of environments in order to administer aid.

But regardless if it is giving your time to administer to those in foreign countries or a neighbour in need, compassion is all about the happiness you can bring.

Your compassion can extend beyond other humans though and this is where being vegan opens your heart even further.

Others who need our love

As omnivores we turn a blind eye to the suffering of farmed animals. We discriminate between species dividing up the animal kingdom into pets and food.

By showing compassion to the suffering of animals and taking them off our plate in order for them to live their lives with the freedom they should have, we really encompass all that is meant by compassion and love.

If you have gone plant-based for your health or for the enviornment, you have automatically saved approximate 100 animals each year from slaughter.

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