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Written by: Fee O'Shea

Gold card carrying author of six books including ‘The Rise of the Modern Vegan’. Speaker and writer, I’m passionate about all critters (including humans).


Over many years snacking has become a way of life. And for the vegan, supermarkets now offer a wide range.

However, as with non-vegan snacks, they can be filled with sugar and perhaps not as healthy as promoted. Please check the labels before buying.

So what’s the answer? How can we make snacks healthy?

If your snacks contain portions of fruits or vegetables and a protein source, this will help balance your blood sugars. Of course, it has the added benefit of providing excellent nutrients.

Here’s a list of some vegan snacks that you can add to your day.

  • Have carrot sticks (or other vegetable sticks) with hummus.
  • Slice apple and smear on some peanut butter.
  • A nut protein bar is great if you’re warding off hunger.
  • A handful of almonds or berries with some vegan yoghurt.
  • Vegan dips with raw veggies, homemade crackers or rice cakes.
  • Dips include guacamole, made with avocado, and hummus made with chickpeas. Stuffed pitta bread is slightly more filling as a snack, but great if you’ve missed lunch.
  • Nut mixes are excellent on-the-go snacks. Create a trail mix and add in popcorn and raisins or dried cranberries.
  • Roasted chickpeas cooked with herbs and spices create a delicious savoury snack and a great alternative to crips.
  • If you fancy something sweeter, dates are the naturally sweet treat. Add one to some orange or apple to have that sweet taste.

As a bonus, here’s a simple recipe for:

Walnut Butter Cups

• 100gm walnuts
• 100gm dairy-free dark chocolate
• 1 chopped Medjool date.

1 Roast the walnuts in the oven, then blend both walnuts and Medjool date into a paste using a food processor.
2 Melt the chocolate and pour into small paper cases to ¾ full and allow to cool in the fridge.
3 Before the chocolate hardens, press the walnut paste into the middle of the chocolate.
4 Refrigerate until cold.


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